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Type 2 Diabetes Network

Passionate change-makers working together to design a different future for people living with Type 2 diabetes in BC.

The Type 2 Diabetes Network is a collaborative group of healthcare professionals, researchers, organizations, and institutions working together to address Type 2 diabetes.


Led by the Institute for Health System Transformation & Sustainability, we’re cultivating a network focused on sharing, developing and applying innovative practices to improve outcomes for people living with Type 2 diabetes across British Columbia.

What is the T2D Network?

Source: Diabetes Canada. Statistics include Type 1 diabetes with a prevalence of 5-10%.

City of Vancouver

British Columbians living with diabetes or prediabetes



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 British Columbians living with diagnosed diabetes



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Expected increase in diabetes in British Columbia (2023-2033)






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To enhance collaboration, share insights, provide resources, raise awareness, and improve quality of care in Type 2 diabetes.

Our Goals

We raise awareness about Type 2 diabetes, its risk factors, and prevention strategies through webinars, dialogue days, and research reports.


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We facilitate communication and collaboration among healthcare providers, researchers, and institutions involved in diabetes care and research.


We enable the sharing of research findings, innovation, and best practices to improve the understanding of Type 2 diabetes.

Information Sharing

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We focus on improving the quality of care for Type 2 diabetes  to enhance prevention and management strategies.

Quality Improvement


We support equitable access to Type 2 diabetes care and endorse a sustainable healthcare system.

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We bring together healthcare professionals, researchers, institutions, and innovative partners interested in Type 2 diabetes.


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We aim to create a healthcare ecosystem that is patient-centered, community-driven, and continuously advancing through research and collaboration. 

Our Structure and Priorities

At our core, we empower individuals to engage in their healthcare decisions, establishing advisory roles and work nodes for impactful activities. We seamlessly link communities, align prevention efforts, and translate knowledge to bridge gaps between agencies and healthcare services.

Prioritizing connections among diverse systems and populations, we foster collaboration to enhance health outcomes. Our unwavering dedication to research includes nurturing connections with entities, aligning with the Learning Health System model, and emphasizing impactful knowledge translation.

T2D structure
T2D priorities

Our organization prioritizes four key principles for diabetes prevention: exploring, engaging, enabling, and expanding.


Through exploration, we rigorously investigate and translate health research for community application. We foster collaboration among partners to improve community health and develop infrastructure supporting preventive measures. Additionally, we expand partnerships and disseminate knowledge nationally to broaden our impact on public health. These efforts form the foundation of our mission to prevent diabetes and promote healthier communities.

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Discover the latest research findings, webinars, podcast, and audio interviews to enhance your knowledge and improve the quality of diabetes care

Spotlight on Resources

The South Asian Women's Type 2 Diabetes Round Table, held on October 27, 2023, stands as a pivotal initiative in the collaborative efforts of the Canadian India Network Society (CINS) and the Institute for Health System Transformation and Sustainability (IHSTS)

This third session underscored the urgency of addressing the significantly elevated risk of type 2 diabetes among South Asian Canadians, particularly focusing on the crucial role of women within this demographic. 

With cultural nuances influencing health decisions and behavior change across generations, South Asian women grapple with multifaceted challenges in managing their own diabetes amidst familial responsibilities and societal expectations. The round table, structured as an online focus group, provided a platform for eight participants to share their lived experiences, contributing to a nuanced understanding of barriers, challenges, and potential solutions. 


The outcomes of this session not only shed light on the diverse and complex landscape of type 2 diabetes within the South Asian Canadian population but also furnish actionable insights for tailoring diabetes care strategies. 

As we delve into the comprehensive summary, the round table emerges as a vital step toward redefining approaches to diabetes prevention, self-management, and alleviating the burdens faced by South Asian women in their healthcare journey.

The South Asian Women's Type 2 Diabetes Round Table

South Asian women dancing

As part of our efforts to enhance our understanding of Type 2 diabetes prevention programs, we studied one of the largest diabetes prevention programs in the world, the NHS Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) in the United Kingdom.


Explore the NHS Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) in our latest peer-reviewed publication titled: The National Health Service England Diabetes Prevention Program—A Narrative Review.

The NHS DPP, a UK initiative since 2015, is working to prevent type 2 diabetes across England. This review assesses its effectiveness, emphasizing risk reduction and cost-effectiveness. It explores the challenges associated with a DPP, including fidelity and diverse population needs. Key recommendations involve evidence-based service delivery, partner engagement, and digital innovation as well as strategic planning, political support, and partnerships.

The learnings from this diabetes program review can be applied to other health programs that focus on chronic disease prevention.

Our featured peer-reviewed publication

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Our Latest Webinar: Reducing Overtreatment in Type 2 Diabetes 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss when deprescribing may be considered for people living with Type 2 diabetes

  • Review approaches to initiate conversations about overtreatment with people living with Type 2 diabetes  

  • Identify tools and resources to support clinicians and people living with diabetes whoare interested in reducing or stopping medications

In this insightful session, we delve into the critical issue of over-treatment in Type 2 diabetes, particularly prevalent among older adults grappling with frailty. Dr. Iliana Lega, renowned from Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, and Dr. Wade Thompson, distinguished expert from the University of British Columbia, will share their expertise on navigating the evolving landscape of reasonable and safe glycemic targets.

Iliana Lega
Wade Thompson
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Our Upcoming Events

From engaging workshops to entertaining performances, insightful talks, and community gatherings, our events are designed to foster connections and invoke discussion.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and sign up for your newsletter or follow us on social media and YouTube.

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The Type 2 Diabetes Network is a team of passionate change-makers focused on improving prevention, management and outcomes for people living with type 2 diabetes in British Columbia.

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Upcoming Type 2 Diabetes Network Events

 Interested in continuing professional development focused on practical interpretations of the Diabetes Canada Clinical

Diabetes Simplified

October 25

This world-class event brings together Canadian conferences focused on the treatment and care of vascular-related diseases that affect millions of people.

DC/CSEM Conference at Vascular 2023 October 25-29

Join us this November in Vancouver, BC for an exclusive Research Luncheon presented by Hecla Mining Company.

Research Luncheon

November 1

Join us for Diabetes Canada Connect(This link opens in a new window), a free week-long celebration of what unites us in the diabetes community.

Diabetes Canada Connect 

November 12

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