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T2D Network - May Newsletter

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T2D Network

We have had a busy few months at the Network, as we launched our new logo and branding, alongside our new website and refreshed social media presence. It has been an exciting time, as we work to support people living with type 2 diabetes and their healthcare teams.

t2d LOGO

Below, you’ll find a snapshot of just a few of the things we’ve been working on.

We have also refreshed our social media channels. We are on X (formerly Twitter) and have a brand new LinkedIn and YouTube pages. Be sure to follow us to get regular updates on all of the Network’s news.


Did you miss our Webinar: Reducing Overtreatment in Type 2 Diabetes

Reflecting on our February webinar, hosted by esteemed speakers Dr. Iliana Lega from Women’s College Hospital in Toronto and Dr. Wade Thompson from the University of British Columbia, sheds light on the issue of over treatment in type 2 diabetes.

With evolving glycemic targets and considerations for older adults with frailty, the webinar offered invaluable insights into the timely and appropriate management of diabetes medications.

webinar screen

Webinar Key Highlights:

  1. Evolving Glycemic Targets: The webinar delved into the dynamic nature of glycemic targets in the management of type 2 diabetes. As standards and guidelines evolve over time, healthcare professionals must remain vigilant in reassessing treatment approaches to ensure they align with current recommendations.

  2. Considerations for Older Adults: Dr. Lega and Dr. Thompson emphasized the importance of considering frailty and age-related factors when managing type 2 diabetes in older adults. Over treatment can be particularly prevalent in this demographic, making it essential for healthcare providers to tailor treatment plans accordingly.

  3. Practical Strategies: Attendees of the webinar gained practical strategies for addressing over treatment in type 2 diabetes, including dosage adjustments and medication cessation. By empowering healthcare professionals with actionable insights, the webinar aimed to improve patient outcomes and quality of care.

As the landscape of type 2 diabetes management continues to evolve, addressing over treatment remains a critical concern. The webinar presented by Dr. Iliana Lega and Dr. Wade Thompson provided a valuable platform for healthcare professionals to deepen their understanding of this issue and explore practical strategies for intervention. Moving forward, continued education and awareness are essential in ensuring optimal diabetes management and improving patient well-being.


Diabetes: From Beta Cells to Bicycles

We are pleased to be the co-sponsor for the latest season oft he BC Diabetes Research Network’s Diabetes: From Beta Cells to Bicycles podcast. This season, hosted by author and science communicator Krista Lamb, is dedicated to type 2 diabetes research being done in British Columbia.

You can check out all of the episodes here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

From Beta Cells To Bicycles


2024 Spotlight on Diabetes Conference

Our team will be hosting a booth at the 2024 Spotlight on Diabetes Conference, hosted by Providence Health Care, on April 12th.


With a diverse range of speakers and topics, including sleep health impacts, nutritional approaches, remission possibilities, and self-management strategies, this conference promises to equip attendees with valuable insights and practical tools.

Join us on April 12, 2024, for a day of learning, networking, and empowerment.

Register now to secure your spot and take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance your diabetes care skills.


Diabetes and Tobacco

The WHO’s Global Diabetes Compact recently released a resource that summarizes the current evidence on the association between tobacco use and diabetes.

Delving into the intricate relationship between tobacco use and diabetes, the World Health Organization (WHO) presents its seventh Tobacco Knowledge Summary. This document serves as a vital resource for healthcare professionals and advocates alike, aiming to shed light on the profound impact of tobacco on diabetes and promote effective tobacco control measures.

cigarrette in hand

As tobacco continues to pose a significant threat to global health, understanding its intricate relationship with diabetes is paramount. Through collaborative efforts and informed advocacy, healthcare professionals can drive meaningful change in tobacco control initiatives and mitigate the burden of diabetes worldwide. This Tobacco Knowledge Summary by WHO serves as a pivotal resource in this collective endeavor, providing valuable insights and strategies to combat the dual challenges of tobacco use and diabetes.

The resource is available in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish and Russian.


Workshops at IDEA Diabetes

IDEA Diabetes is excited to announce that they are currently hosting two transformative workshops aimed at empowering healthcare professionals and health leaders in the field of diabetes care. From establishing a strong foundation of knowledge to fostering community-level action, these workshops offer invaluable insights and practical strategies for enhancing diabetes management and support.

Idea DM logo

1. Stepping Stones Workshop:

Embark on a journey of discovery with our Stepping Stones Workshop. Designed as a 3-hour introductory virtual session, this workshop provides a strengths-based approach to understanding diabetes care. Participants will explore innovative ways to honor and respect individuals with diabetes throughout their journey. Whether you're a healthcare professional or a health leader, this workshop will equip you with the tools and inspiration needed to make a positive impact in diabetes management.

2. Diabetes Knowledge Bursts and Game Changers:

Join us for an engaging virtual workshop series focused on diabetes knowledge bursts and game changers. This series is tailored for healthcare professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of diabetes care and drive community-level action. Through interactive sessions, participants will gain insights into cutting-edge developments in diabetes management and explore actionable strategies for effecting positive change.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your expertise in diabetes care. Register now for either or both of these workshops to unlock a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Whether you're just starting your journey or looking to expand your skill set, IDEA Diabetes workshops are designed to empower you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with diabetes.



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