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Unveiling Breakthroughs: Diabetes Canada’s End Diabetes Awards Winners

Diabetes Canada is thrilled to unveil the recipients of its prestigious End Diabetes Awards, a yearly competition aimed at revolutionizing the lives of individuals affected by type 1 and type 2 diabetes through innovative research endeavors. With each winning project receiving a substantial $100,000 grant annually for three years, Diabetes Canada has committed a total of $6.2 million to fuel groundbreaking research initiatives within the diabetes community.

Laura Syron, President and CEO of Diabetes Canada, emphasizes the organization's dedication to leveraging the combined power of technological, medical, and scientific research to realize a world free from the burdens of diabetes. Since its inception in 1975, this grant competition has positioned Canada as a global frontrunner in pioneering research efforts focused on enhancing diabetes screening, treatments, and care ─ ultimately benefiting the approximately 12 million individuals in Canada grappling with diabetes or prediabetes.

Researcher in lab

Spanning various realms of biomedical, clinical, health services, and population health research, each winning project holds the promise of unraveling new insights and breakthroughs in diabetes management, care, and risk mitigation.

Here are some standout projects from this year’s competition:

1. Dr. Ian Zenlea leads a research endeavor exploring community-based type 2 diabetes prevention interventions tailored to Black, African, and Caribbean communities, who face heightened risks of diabetes and related complications.

2. Dr. Joseph Gordon and his team investigate the potential of a muscle cell protein, Nix, in protecting against insulin resistance and mitigating changes associated with the onset of diabetes among younger demographics.

3. Dr. Nicole Woods spearheads a project aimed at enhancing the prevention and early treatment of diabetes-related foot wounds among structurally disadvantaged Ontarians living with diabetes.

4. Dr. Rayzel Shulman pilots a diabetes awareness campaign targeting elementary school educators, caregivers, and healthcare providers, equipping them to recognize signs of diabetes and diabetes ketoacidosis in children for timely intervention.

The selection process for Diabetes Canada’s End Diabetes Awards involved rigorous evaluation by diabetes research experts, informed by input from individuals with lived experiences and Diabetes Canada’s National Research Council.

Dr. Brandy Wicklow, Co-Chair of Diabetes Canada’s National Research Council, underscores the indispensable role of research in informing evidence-based care and transforming the lives of those grappling with diabetes.

Awards ceremony

For nearly five decades, Diabetes Canada has been at the forefront of supporting exceptional diabetes research in Canada, channeling over $160 million into research grants, awards, and partnerships to fuel the fight against diabetes.

The organization expresses profound gratitude to its generous community of donors whose steadfast support enables impactful investments in diabetes research, ultimately enhancing the health and well-being of individuals affected by diabetes nationwide.

With over 260 researchers supported across 20 different research institutions, Diabetes Canada remains steadfast in its commitment to driving innovative research initiatives that hold the potential to transform the landscape of diabetes care and management.

To learn more about this year’s groundbreaking research projects, visit Diabetes Canada’s website.

Full article posted on Diabetes Canda Website Jan 22, 2024



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