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Empowering Communities: The T2D Network's Strategic Approach to Diabetes Prevention

Welcome to the T2D Network, where we prioritize a holistic approach to healthcare built upon four strategic foundational pillars and key priorities.

At the core of our foundational structure lies patient engagement, where we empower individuals to actively participate in their healthcare decisions, establishing advisory roles and work nodes for impactful activities. Our commitment extends to linking communities seamlessly, aligning prevention activities, and focusing on knowledge translation to bridge the gap between community agencies and healthcare services. Additionally, we prioritize connecting diverse systems and populations, fostering collaboration between organizations, communities, and populations to enhance overall health outcomes.

T2D structure

Together, these pillars form the foundational structure of our mission to create a patient-centered, community-driven healthcare ecosystem that continually advances through collaboration and innovation.

As an organization, our strategic priorities are centered around exploring new avenues for innovation, engaging with stakeholders at all levels, enabling access to comprehensive healthcare resources, and expanding our reach to ensure equitable care for all individuals and communities.

T2D priorities

Through our commitment to exploring, we diligently investigate, trial, and translate health research to ensure effective application within our communities. By fostering active participation and collaboration, we engage stakeholders to drive community health improvement initiatives.

Our dedication to enablement involves developing infrastructure and promoting behaviors that support preventive health measures and innovations. Lastly, our goal to expand involves extending partnerships, knowledge, and services nationally to broaden our health impact. Together, these priorities form the foundation of our efforts to prevent diabetes and promote healthier communities.

At the T2D Network, we are committed to making strides in diabetes prevention and improving overall community health.

Join us in our mission as we work together to build a healthier future for generations to come.


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